6 SPRAYS Nutraceuticals Essential to have

Author: Robert POLO - Client Affilié Executive HempWorx - MyDailyChoice

 6 MyDaimyChoice NUTRACEUTIC SPRAYS unique in the world and very efficient



  I present you our sublingual range of 6 NUTRACEUTIC SPRAYS.

 CBD oil-free but composed of highly effective products. These are the best ingredients used in many other food supplement companies as well as natural ingredients of course. !  But we distribute them in a form unique in the world, sprays and even in affiliation to offer you the possibility to receive them later FREE FOR LIFE !

  Here is a detailed description of each spray in order to give you a better idea of its effectiveness, in a very specific field for each one of us but which concenrne us all.

  Our first blue SPRAY is the PEAK to be at the TOP!



  PEAK strengthens the immune system.

  PEAK is made with antioxidants from the best fruit with the highest nutrient content.

  Our CBD oil also strengthens your immunity.

  Our 2nd SPRAY, in green, is the SHIELD :


SHIELD Spray is the only alkalinity spray in the world that rebalances your PH level.

You know that we tend to have a body that is always too acidic and that the fact of being too acid favours the appearance of cancer, for example.

  With a too acid body, cancer settles more easily in your body. If your body is alkaline, cancer will have a much harder time getting started and you will always stay much healthier.

 It is a SPRAY that I recommend to you because the oil of CBD does not act particularly on the rate of alkalinity of our body.

  Our 3rd SPRAY, in red, is the BOOST. It gives you energy again. 


 CBD oil can give you some energy but still, if you are very active, you can get a boost. And then this little bar, my goodness, with a SPRAY, it will pass very quickly !

 You put your spray under your tongue, and in a few minutes you will find your energy and get back into your projects. It's also perfect if you're against energy drinks..



Our 4th SPRAY is called SLEEP for everyone who has trouble sleeping.

Image  I guarantee you that the CBD also makes you sleep very well and you will feel much better when you wake up, if you see what I mean gentlemen, for the pleasure of these ladies!

And there are many testimonies on this subject:-) 



 Our 5th SPRAY, the TRIM 365: it seems that it is also extraordinary.


   It's a fat burner to lose weight. It's very very effective.

     So to try or to offer to his friend or his companion, if he wishes to find his body of athlete.


   We have a 6th and last SPRAY to complete this range, it is the BRAIN :


  BRAIN acts on concentration, everything that concerns neurons, reflection etc..

  Ideal for students, during exam periods, it is a product that can help them enormously because all those who have to make intellectual efforts and well they need it and useless for them to boost themselves chemically.





Our range of NUTRACEUTIC SPRAYS are delivered worldwide.

  We are the only company in the world to offer such natural sprays so quickly and efficiently.

  So you have understood, we have a huge global market potential and also a very interesting financial potential for you, if you are interested in promoting our products.

 Whether to consume our products at the lowest price and see free or that tonight to create you an additional income, click on the image below




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