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Author: Robert POLO - Client Affilié Executive HempWorx - MyDailyChoice

Why join the company

MyDailyChoice / HempWorx ?


  Jeanna and Josh ZWAGIL are the founders of these two companies combined into one. Besides Jeanna and Josh also said yes for life since they are married.


  Having a background as entrepreneurs, marketing and consulting specialists, they created MyDailyChoice, to give everyone the opportunity to be part of this company as well.  They wanted to bring together a large family in developing this business opportunity all over the world.

 To do this, they had the good idea to combine 2 unique and most consumable product lines with high-tech marketing systems and tools so that even a beginner in the network marketing industry can finally succeed!


 The entire company is mobilized and 100% committed to providing all its customers and affiliated customers with the most attractive and highest quality product ranges from the most innovative and efficient technology industries. 

 Their life mission is simple: to offer thousands of families around the world good health with a financial income that opens the doors to a more peaceful future and a more enjoyable retirement.

 Know that joining MyDailyChoice is not just joining a product company, an industrial company as in most other companies. Our "MYDailyChoice" brand has been designed to put you at the top of industries worldwide with the most unique combination of products and services to dominate the market. It's a company that offers you a real business opportunity if you want to seize your chance. 


   Anyone can define success by their vision but by becoming a MyDailyChoice affiliate, success is a choice! 

 We invite you to join our team of affiliates who already share our powerful HempWorx / MydailyChoice products in over 200 countries, including the United States, and are creating their own financial freedom.

 This is a great opportunity offered to you with freedom to work from home and a very generous compensation plan.

 Feel free to pre-register for FREE to have access to the many information and testimonials from our international customers that are inside the site. 




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