The Fintech Revolution Is Coming!




                   Earn 6% to 18% Per Month on Your Deposit.

NETFIX Pays You 7 Days a Week.



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I have selected one of the best opportunities of the moment which is highly secure to avoid the inconvenience of being hacked by hackers. 

To avoid this, all business is done via a secure and locked mobile application on your phone. This business opportunity combined with a high-paying marketing plan is called NETFIX.


NETFIX is very successful in Asian countries and is now reaching other countries.

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Its official launch is on October. So now is the right time to join NETFIX.


You can also register for FREE to access our team training and stay informed on the progress of this business opportunity by attending our live conference zoom twice a week.

Registration is free and does not commit you to anything. It allows you to access the system transparently and you will only invest if and when you want. Contact me so that you don't miss out on some benefits, even as a free member and to enjoy a Welcome GIFT to my NETFIX teams.



> > > > > FINANCIAL WARNING < < < < <

NETFIX is not cinema but a turnkey eco-system concept and it really pays off via a very interesting business plan.

When you store your crypto currencies on BINANCE, or even on COINBASE.


STORE your crypto-currencies on NETFIX and you will be paid 6% per month minimum and up to 18% maximum.

PROPOSE your friends to do the same and NETFIX will pay you even more:

Daily commission of 100% on the daily earnings of all your direct godchildren in addition to your personal daily earnings.

BUT IT'S NOT ALL...When your friends PROPOSE NETFIX to their friends, you will still WIN MONEY.

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NETFIX is an eco-system, a Swiss army knife that combines on a single secure application on your phone number:

- 1 Wallet to store all your crypto-currencies.

- 1 Integrated arbitration robot that pays you 6% to 18% per month.

- 1 credit card system to generate even more profits for your teams.

- Several crypto-currency mining sites.

- 1 E-commerce platform.

- 1 Exchanging.

- 1 MXBIt which has its own blockchain otherwise its own crypto-currency.


100$ minimum in BTC but you don't earn anything on your godchildren or on your network.

You must have a minimum investment of $250 to benefit from the compensation plan.

Your personal investment pays you between 0.3% and 0.9% per day, 7 days a week or from 6% to 18% per month.

To be able to earn additional commissions on your direct referrals and on several levels.

A minimum investment of $250 is required to benefit from the compensation plan.


it is very simple but highly remunerative for those who will get involved for 3 to 6 months.

An example of a member's earnings on video over 3 months of development:

NETFIX Offers 3 Sources of Additional Income 7 Days a Week


With your FREE Trading I-Robot, integrated into your mobile application, you earn money every day, 7 days a week, on your deposit. Your money is deposited and stored on your secure application and only you have access to it. You can withdraw your winnings at any time.

Every day you earn 0.2 to 0.9%, or 6% to 18% per month. In 1 week, you will earn more than the annual interest of the Livret A passbook. Or if you prefer, over a year, you will earn 50 to 100 times more than your Book A, and without taking into account the 2 other additional sources of income that NETFIX offers you.


In addition to your Daily Interests, NETFIX offers you 100% of the daily earnings of all your active direct godchildren.

EXAMPLE: If you have 10 direct referrals who earn $1,000 each per month, you will earn $10,000 per month, since you will earn 100% of what each of your direct referrals earn. And this can go very quickly, depending on your involvement in this opportunity or everything remains to be done.

This example is based on only 10 direct referrals but you can have as many referrals as you want. You will earn 100% of the earnings of each of them.


With 2 directs actives, you earn 10% on your 2 levels.

With 3 directs actives, you earn 10% more on your 3 levels. And so on... this up to your level 10.

With 10 directs actives, you get 10% from your level 1 to your level 10.

And you can have all direct actives as you want.

There are other sources of remuneration and other even more interesting bonuses as you progress through the compensation plan.ImageImage

I chose NETFIX because it is a highly profitable business based on the involvement of everyone and their teams.

NETFIX pays every day and it's time to pre-register, even as a FREE member to be well positioned.


If you want to take advantage of this business, I invite you to register FREE in this link:  

Don't forget to put in SPONSOR Username:  REGINA34

You must see this : 

adress: Enter your personal email address. Image

Sponsor Username: REGINA34

Preferred Username: You create the username of your choice and it will be used to sponsor your friends later.

Name: You put your first name.

Family name: You put your FAMILY NAME.

Then scroll through the flags to indicate your country of residence.

You enter a password.

You confirm the same password a second time.

And you click on  Sign up with email to validate your registration.

You should receive a confirmation email or you will need to confirm your registration.

Ignore the following message, as everything else must be done by smartphone, but keep in mind that the system has taken your registration into account. To date, there is no corporate web site to perform NETFIX activity by computer.

Don't forget to put in SPONSOR: REGINA34 to be able to receive a GIFT from me.

Once it is done, send me an email with your username, to receive the steps to follow, step by step, to avoid making mistakes, on

You will receive the complete procedure to correctly use all the functions of the NETFIX application and a GIFT from me.

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The Fintech Revolution Is Coming!